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February 2012

"Autumn Sky" wins award for the Best Vocal Album of the Year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The month of February is upon us...and here on the island the weather is like spring already! Still hoping for some snow to make some more
snow angels with my angel Autumn.

The new cd is 1/2 way completed and the dvd is in its final stages.

Tour dates are pouring in and lots of planning being done for this year!

Still doing interviews for my Reflections,
and I'm signing autographed copies of Reflections
as a special treat for Valentine's Day.
They're available on
 my facebook page


Latest interviews include:

Street Date Radio

 Radio station WRCN

Candice Night interview
Tune in to WRCN 103.9 on your radio dial Saturday  eve at 10 pm NY time-for those who missed the last broadcast-and those who would like to enjoy it again-Back by popular demand Candice' interview will be rebroadcast Feb 4

Looking forward to the full Snow moon this month....

Share the love, not only on Valentine's Day...but always....


Love and light,


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January 2012

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