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January 2012

Kiss 2011 goodbye
We had wonderful times, moments, experiences, concerts,
meeting new friends/fans...

Quiet moments of Reflections...

We will not forget you...


Welcome 2012!
There are so many wonderful things in the works already for this year....

I continue to do interviews on my solo cd Reflections

The latest ones out are Italy's Metal Hammer.

And my Radio Interview with Long Island's WRCN

Radio interview Please tune in!!! 
This Saturday Jan 14 Live interview with Candice Night on
WRCN long island NY at 11pm EST.

 It will be added to their podcast page, and will remain on the site for a year:
Here's their homepage:

Candice Night Stokes The Fires Of Mysticism On 

Candice Night took her time collecting the songs that would ultimately make up her debut album Reflections. Best known as the enchanting lead singer of Blackmore's Night, Candice steps out on her own on this record and brings a sizeable fan base along with her. Look for hints of the ethereal in these songs, punctuated by Night's masterful work on medieval woodwind instruments.

 Hear Candice Night Describe Reflections In Her Own Words

We filmed the 1st show of the English tour in 2011, in which a special guest
made an appearance, and we will be releasing that later this year.

We also have 8 songs completed for a brand new Blackmore's Night cd!

And many more surprises to come...

Stay warm and Happy New Year!

Love and light,


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