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May 2011

Had such a wonderful time on my birthday!
A small group of friends and I went to a winery that gives its profits to
 horse rescue. Then off to the aquarium to feed stingrays.

Next a romantic dinner and then finally back to Minstrel Hall for a magical and fun night of karaoke, dancing of the maypole at 3am and many friends helping me to blow out the candles on my beautiful birthday cake by
Black Forest Bakery.

May has been a great month so far! We have completed our contributions on "Space Oddity" for William Shatner's project; we have recorded 6 tracks for the newest Blackmore's Night cd, I had a wonderful birthday, completed many interviews for promo for the upcoming tours and we also start our tour of the USA this month ! Check here to see if we're coming to your town!

Running now in the Weekender for the Sherman Theater Show!

Latest Blackmore's Night interview out now!!

Latest interview for Blackmore's Night tour out now!

Goldmine magazine June issue on news stands now!
Blackmore's Night on cover!

Blackmore's Night Tarrytown Review

Daily Local News for Chester County interview with Ritchie and Candice!
Out now!

Blackmore's Night interview in the Boston Herald

Autumn's 1st birthday comes this month as well...on the 27th...
how fast time flies....

Thank you for all your birthday wishes and see you on the road!
Don't forget to check my Twitter page at

Love and light,

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